Friday, February 6, 2009

Isn't this fun.

I knew it was going to easy the first week. Apparently the 2nd week is when things get hairy. They want everything. I half expect them to want my blood and first born... ( think I can talk them into 2nd?)

Yesterday in the mail we recieved a book of papers to 50 times we had to sign our names, it was crazy.

I am so nervous about all this...what if I don't have a piece of paper that they need? Are we gonna lose the house?? I have invested too much of myself into the thought of this. I was able to get my work to send some paycheck stubs to the office...I have been able to give them everything thus's just the WHAT IFS...I cannot help it, it's my personality. I am losing sleep, I am not eating. I am gonna lose weight, not complaining about that.

We close on the 19th...less than 2 weeks to that I have to deal with this.

Prayers that this works! Someone said we won't know till the day before that everything is ready.

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