Friday, February 6, 2009

Isn't this fun.

I knew it was going to easy the first week. Apparently the 2nd week is when things get hairy. They want everything. I half expect them to want my blood and first born... ( think I can talk them into 2nd?)

Yesterday in the mail we recieved a book of papers to 50 times we had to sign our names, it was crazy.

I am so nervous about all this...what if I don't have a piece of paper that they need? Are we gonna lose the house?? I have invested too much of myself into the thought of this. I was able to get my work to send some paycheck stubs to the office...I have been able to give them everything thus's just the WHAT IFS...I cannot help it, it's my personality. I am losing sleep, I am not eating. I am gonna lose weight, not complaining about that.

We close on the 19th...less than 2 weeks to that I have to deal with this.

Prayers that this works! Someone said we won't know till the day before that everything is ready.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Moving on up...

We found it. put in an was accepted, we are scheduled for closing on 2.19!!!!

I love it. I am trying to not get too excited because in these times anything could happen with the mortgage company.

Lots of prayers are requested for a smooth transaction and moving process!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

I like it!

Now I gotta plead my case to hubs. We narrowed it down to 2 houses...and I need to tell him why mine is the bestest. Not his.

Wish me luck...I am tired. I want to sleep.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Someone to come clean my house. And chaffeur me to look at these houses. And to wake with the baby at night. And to cook.

All for the same pay I get. The satisfaction of knowing it's done.


House hunting still going on. Husband still alive...i need his income for our house. Kids, still kids.

House hunting going easier since we agreed upon a higher, still affordable, amount.

I am coming outta my PP funk. Called work today and they said I sounded happier on the phone and they were worried about me because I wasn't my normal self before...well, bitches, I'M BBBBAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACK. Hehe. I love my job and the peeps I work with are fun and we like to give each other a hard time. It'll be hard to leave the baby to go back to work, but, I gotta.

Friday, January 23, 2009


I love hearing my kids running through the house laughing and squealing at each other. Even if it means that they are chasing each other throwing balls at each others heads.

I love when they get along.

I love laying in my bed.

I love bed time.

and a funny.

i am on a roll.

Last night jacob walked by me and there was something in his ear (i am waaay wierd about things in ears, so I immediately dug it out), it was what I think, is his tube. He had tubes put in last I saved it and put it in a plastic bag and will call the Dr today to see if it's something they need to see him about.

Well. This am I was making Noah's lunch. I went to put his nuggets in a bag and something rolled out, it was the wax covered tube. How traumatized would he have been to have seen that in his lunch. He'd probably never eat again. I am cracking up over it, Noah wouldn't think it was so funny. We won't tell him, k?!

Now, I am quite nervous about this tube falling out already...Jacob had ear infections constantly before he had tubes, I am talking the kind where green pus was coming out of his ear every other week. I soooo hope we don't begin to have them again. The surgery was expensive enough the first time.

Other news. While I am still awake. Noah hates me, he's never going to do any chores (or see light of day outside of school), or do me any favors (I'll no longer buy him food)...I'm a terrible person and he said he was gonna hit me as hard as he could when he got outta his room(not if he ever wants to wipe his own ass again). So please, noone feel sorry for my child who is punished from the TV indefinately (18 anyone?) and who is going to be feeling the repercussions of his mean words and actions for a while...he did start it by spanking front of me...oh nonoonono, I am the only one who can beat my children.

P.S. I will buy him food, let a lil light in his room every hour or so, and I don't beat them (often)...and he doesn't wipe his own ass now for god sakes.

oh ya

and the littlest one has been up since 3 am...going on 4 hours now, and he wonders why he's fussy...cause he won't go to sleep damnit...Neither can I, now I have kids to get to school and grocery shopping to do.

Then I will sleep the day away=) fell asleep, now I will do the at school, grocery shopping will be done...before 3...unless I sleep till then.